Audible Silence with Adjustable Timer

Audible Silence with Adjustable Timer
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Audible silence device is an assembled adjustable timed relay,and push button switch in an enclosure for in-line installtion between a switced 120 Vac power source and an audible alarm, or audible visual alarm where the ability to temporarily slence the audible is required. This enclosure measures 4 3/4" square by 4" deep, an can be field drilled for power wire pass through. This model is intended for indoor use. Typical application would have the 120 Vac power input for the alarm signal pass throgh this device for silencing of the audible alarm. The internal time relay is adjustable between seconds, minutes, or hours to set the silence period before returning to a normal closed circuit condition. Also available as components, outdoor suitable, or 24 volt DC versions--please inquire.

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